Binational Independent Film Festival

2011 Binational Independent Film Festival Around The Corner

Invitees:Producer/Writer/Director Zalman King (9 ½ Weeks). Singer/Actor Little Joe, Producer/Director Bob
Clark, Director/Producer/Writer/Editor Jeff Scheftel, Olympusat Acquisitions VP Arturo Chavez, Actor Rafael
Inclán, Producer/Writer/Director Sergio Arau, Actor Silverio Palacios & Director Emilio Portes.

With presentations at UTEP’s Union Cinema, and La Fe Clinic.

This year we have movies from: United States, Mexico, Canada, and South Africa.

Every day at UTEP’s Union Cinema, there will be a talk with a Producer, Writer, Director, Actor, or Actress
after the 7PM Movie, and on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday after the Documentaries as well.

Come and enjoy the Festival, since it is Your Festival.

For more Information call at: (915)585-4566 and (915)491-3030